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Champion Fence builds many different Types of fences

Temporary Fence

Type 3 Guardrail

Sports Netting

Security Fence

Ornamental Iron Fence

Automated Gates

Trash Enclosures

Wood Privacy Fence

P.V.C./ Vinyl Fencing

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If your commercial property
 has been effected by
 the recent floods, call for temporary fence.

Commercial property
Temporary fence


Buckrail Fence
Commerical Wrought Iron
Ornamental Fence
Tubesteel Fencing
Metal Panel Gates
Composite Fence (Trex)
Sport Netting
Pipe Railing
Temporary Fence
Guardrail Type 3
Security Netting
Baseball Netting
Galvanized Chainlink
Golfball Netting
Galvanized Cyclon

fence types

Commerical Fence Colorado fence company Colorado

fence types

FAA Netting
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Type 3 Guardrailguardrail company
guardrail Ty3

Highway guardrail Ty3 has evolved throughout the decade to its W-beam shape we see today.  This shape keeps the guardrail Ty3 ridged and strong. When guardrail Ty3 is impacted, it is designed to ricochet a vehicle and protect it from a dangerous area. Guardrail Ty3 is positioned on roads where steep embankments occur, when a vehicle approaches  bridges, culverts, signs and many other obstructions.

Guardrail Ty3 is usually galvanized but it also comes in “corten” (which is a rusted look a-beam). Guardrail Ty3 can be installed on wood or metal posts. Most guardrail Ty3 has a block between the post and rail. This gives the guardrail Ty3 the ability for a longer bolt to redirect an impact and to move the post back, out of the way of snow plows.  Compared to other guardrails, guardrail Ty3 is less expensive than concrete barriers and  it’s easier to repair.

Chain Link Fenceguardrail company

Since 1891 chain link fencing has made a place for itself in the fence industry. Used for many diverse reasons by businesses and home owners, chain link provides high security for a low price.  Chain link is great for playgrounds, backyards, prisons, sport fields, car impound lots, and much more.

Most applications of chain link call for galvanized wire, but chain link also comes in vinyl coated colors such as black, brown and green.  Chain link also has different gauges, anywhere from 12 ½ ga (light weight) to 6ga (1/4” wire).  Prisons use 6ga chain link most often. Chain link is a non-private fence which is transparent and allows sunlight to pass through.

Privacy slats can be added to any type of chain link although caution should be taken that the fence framework is sufficient to support the additional load or weight. Compared to other fence types, chain link is less expensive and very durable.

guardrail company

How often do you find yourself leaning on a handrail?

Handrails have been around a long time and are used to protect people from dangerous drop offs therefore, safety is the driving factor behind the need for handrails.

In addition to the safety aspect, handrails are becoming more detailed to accent and add character to an area. Handrails can be made of wood or PVC, but most handrails are made of pipe.  Pipe handrail can be as simple as a single horizontal rail with posts, or it can be custom made to compliment an area.

The American’s with Disability Act (ADA) requires hand rails on stairs, inclines with more than 5% grade,  and other areas deemed necessary.  Take a look next time you’re out, and see how many handrails you notice, you will be surprised how many areas need handrail.

Golf Course Fence

Golf Course Fence

Golf Course, Park Hill 6ft. chain link fence

Wooded Fence

Golf Course Fence

Balcony wooded fence



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