Denver commercial fence company

Commercial Security Fences
And Automated Gates
Installation, Service, Parts, and Repair in Denver

Welcome to Champion Fence and Construction Services Inc. Commercial fence solutions from design to complete installation in Denver. In addition we carry commercial fence parts and supplies.

We provide fence services in Denver to:

  • General Contractors (Construction)
  • City Municipalities
  • State Highways
  • Schools K-8 and High Schools
  • Institutions of Higher Education such as CU campuses
  • City of Denver - Denver Zoo, Pepsi Center...
  • Golf Courses
  • Industrial/Commercial Clients
  • Gas/Oil/Properties
  • Private Business Owners
  • Private Properties - Lowes, Home Depot...

Commercial & Industrial Fence Repair

Fences can be damaged by weather, vehicular accidents, falling debris, or other events. Weather can damage a fence, also, a vehicle accident or falling debris. You name it. Due to the nature of fences, repairs must be made quick and correctly. Many times a repair will require a match to an existing fence. Other times, repairs are so extensive that consideration is made regarding whether or not to replace the entire fence.

We pride ourselves in fence repairs because we know how important it is to regain the piece of mind and security for you and your property. We will work diligently to complete your repair the same day or install temporary fence until a more thorough repair can me made. No matter who installed the fence originally, you can count on Champion Fence to repair it quickly and at an affordable price.

Commercial and Industrial Fences & Gates


Denver Commercial Temporary

Required on job sites, excavations, overhead areas

Chain Link

Denver industrial fence company

For playgrounds, backyards, prisons...

Metal Fence

Denver industrial fence company

For commercial property lines and cemeteries...


Denver industrial automated gates

For prisons, zoos, military bases, schools...


Denver commercial sports netting

For golf coarces, sport fields, birds, public safety...

P.V.C./ Vinyl

Denver commercial P.V.C. vinyl fence

For commercial property lines,  horse properties...

Post & Rail

Denver commercial post & rail fence

Commercial property lines, property boundries...

Wood Privacy

Denver commercial wood Privacy fence

For commercial property privacy and boundries

Barbed Wire

Denver commercial barb wire company

Favorite with farmers and ranchers, property security...

Field & Deer

Denver commercial field & deer fence

To deter wildlife such as deer, prairi dog from crossing.   


Denver industrial handrails

ADA requires handrails on stairs, inclines...


Hwy guardrails type 3

Designed to ricochet a vehicle from dangerous area

Champion Fence Co.
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Denver fence company
Commercial Fence Project Requirements

From small repairs to major projects, Champion Fence is proficient in certified payroll, insurance certificates, bonding and other documentation necessary to meet specific job requirements.